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Misoka Toothbrush: Perfect for Lazy Teeth Brushers

 |  |  |  |  |  April 27, 2011

I have a confession to make: I used to be a lazy brusher. As a kid, I didn’t really understand why I had to brush my teeth at least twice a day. My mom would make me brush after meals and I’d do an inward celebratory jig whenever she forgot to remind me.

When my baby teeth began falling out, my mother scared me into thinking that it was because I hated brushing (which is, technically, true) and I freaked out with her exaggerated stories (I was going to be toothless by age 30, she said) so I got my act straight and became a religious brusher ever since.

However, for those people who have yet to learn their lesson, the Misoka toothbrush is here to save you and your mildewy teeth.

Misoka Toothbrush

So what makes this plain-looking toothbrush so special? Well, its bristles are coated with a nanomineral that will not only remove all the gunk from your pearly whites (or uh, yellows) but also leave a hydrophilic coating on your teeth to prevent any detritus from sticking to your teeth.  In normal-people speak, hydrophilic means “water loving” (or in this case, saliva loving) and detritus refers to all those tiny particulates that give you cavities and sore teeth if you don’t keep them away (in short, teeth gunk.)

Unconvinced? Check out this video about the Misoka toothbrush:

Imagine all the water and toothpaste you’ll be able to save by just having to brush just once a day! The thought of brushing with that (in)frequency doesn’t sound very appealing to the adult me, though. The Misoka toothbrushes go for $15 a pop from the Hiroshi Beverly Hills Salon. Get a-nano-brushing today!

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