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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Actually Drives Screws

 |  |  |  April 29, 2011

This might piss off some of you hardcore Doctor Who geeks out there, but I have tried to watch the show and it is some of the worst TV in history in my opinion. I would put the suck factor right up there with the time my wife forced me to watch America’s Next Top Model, only worse because there are no hot models with Doctor Who.


Apparently, this Sonic Screwdriver is based on the design used by the 11th doc in the series. The cool part about this is that unlike some of the toy Sonic Screwdrivers we have seen, this one actually screws things. I don’t mean screws you out of your money either, well at least not totally.

The replica has an actual flat tip screwdriver on the front that you can use for those little screws on electronic sand other gear. That flat tip is interchangeable with a Philips tip too with three sizes of tip at your disposal you can sonically screw just about anything in your house It also lights up and makes sounds.

[via Neatorama]