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Fake Mario Game Hits iTunes Store, Vanishes Like Boo

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 30, 2011

Somedays, I just wish that Nintendo would throw in the towel on the hardware business and just make games for other platforms. Can you imagine being able to play all your favorite Mario games on your iPhone, for instance? For a brief period it looks like you could have played Super Mario Bros. – sorta.


The iPhone app Monino somehow managed to slip through Apple’s rigorous testing and approval process, allowing this total rip-off of Super Mario Bros. to show up in the App Store. Here’s a clip of the game in action:

Unfortunately, the publicity surrounding the game caused Apple to already yank Monino, so if you didn’t manage to install it, too bad. In all honesty, the controls, gameplay for Monino look godawful compared to the original NES games, and I think I’d throw my iPhone across the room if it kept playing that sound loop over and over, so I’m glad I saved myself the 99 cents. I suppose I could always jailbreak my phone and install a proper NES emulator, or I could just break out the old 8-bit console if I really have a hankering for Mario.

[via Electricpig]