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My What Big Pockets You Have…

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 3, 2011

Well, now you can show everyone who thought that the iPad 2 wasn’t pocketable that yes, it can fit in your pants. However it does look quite uncomfortable though. Would you like to carry your iPad 2 around this way?

ipad 2 pants pockets tactical cargo military case

The Tactical Pants Blog has found three pairs of pants that have pockets large enough to hold your iPad or iPad 2. Yep, now you can look all swanky by carrying around your iPad in great big old pocket, ensuring that it’s always close by.

ipad 2 pants pockets tactical cargo military case

The best pants to carry your iPad are the Warrior Wear Pants by Blackhawk, which were recently discontinued. Right after came the Kitacnica Tactical Pants that cost $160 but didn’t feel all that secure. Having your iPad in the pocket of your pants might not be the best idea, since these pockets offer no security, meaning that your iPad 2 could be easily stolen by someone with nimble fingers. You also probably won’t want to sit down.

ipad 2 pants pockets tactical cargo military case

[Tactical Pants Blog via CrunchGear]