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Felt Computer Mouse Needs to Be Felt

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 4, 2011

There’s something inherently cool about technology that’s been merged with materials other than slick plastics and metals. Materials like wood and fabric are rarely the first thing to pop into our minds when we thing of gadgets. That’s why I really like this unconventional computer mouse, made of felt.


Designer Joey Roth (of ceramic speakers fame) created this beautiful rectangular mouse, using primarily felt, a little bit of teak, and a sliver of aluminum on the bottom as a foundation (although it looks like there are some tiny felt(?) feet there to help it glide along too.)


The mouse offers buttons on either side of a scroll wheel, and an optical sensor on the bottom. While I’m not sure that a rectangle is the most ergonomically-correct design in the palm of your hand, I’m willing to cut the design some slack because it looks so good. Regardless, the thought is that the felt will gradually conform to the shape of its user’s hand.


This particular mouse is only a prototype, to be shown at the American Design Club’s “Use Me” exhibit at 45 Great Jones Street in New York, between May 13th and May 16th, 2011. I’m hopeful that Joey decides to produce these mice, as I think they look really nice. Hey, I made a rhyme!

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