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Prism 200c Radar Sees Through Brick, Concrete and Wood Walls

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 4, 2011

I talk a lot about things that will help you survive the zombie invasion. One day when you open your door to see that old lady across the street eating your neighbor, you will thank me. Yesterday, I reckoned that the Crovel would be the perfect tool for said invasion. I would like to add the new Prism 200c to my zombie survival box.

We all know that zombies might be too weak to turn a doorknob, and not particularly fast, but they are able to hide in a dark room waiting for dinner like a fat kid trying to raid the snack drawer. The Prism 200c is a radar-based device that you wear like a backpack and when you need to see if and where people, living or dead, are in a room you press it to the wall.

It looks like some sort of old school Pong game in a backpack, but that display is actually giving users a 3D representation of how many people are in the room and exactly where they are. It will also show when the people move around. The device is made for soldiers in the field to check a room and can be networked with zombie command.

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