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The $61,000 Æsir Phone: Hard on Bank Accounts, Soft on Features

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 5, 2011

Luxury cars, luxury toilets, and luxury watches have all had their run. Now it’s time for a luxury mobile phone to take the stage.

And when I say “luxury,” I mostly mean “insanely expensive.”

Æsir Phone

The silver version of these extravagant phones go for £6,400 ($10,560 USD) while the gold-plated one sells for a lofty £37,000 ($61,000).

Now here’s the kicker: you’d think that for something with that price, you’d be getting a state-of-the-art smartphone that’s equipped with futuristic features that will make your money well worth it, right? Wrong. Because essentially, what you’re paying for is appearances.

Æsir Phone

Fact is, these Æsir phones aren’t even smart. (What I mean to say is, they aren’t smartphones.) You can’t browse the net with them, you can’t constantly update your Facebook profile or send out tweets, and they don’t even have cameras. But what you can do with these phones is make calls, send text messages, set some alarms, or create a to-do list. In short, the Æsir phone is basic phone with the most basic of functions, reminiscent of the day’s of Nokia’s 5110 (which happened to be the first mobile phone I ever owned.)

Æsir Phone

These phones are actually three years in the making and are constructed from watch-grade materials. The gold version is made of 18 carat solid yellow gold, while the silver one is made of stainless steel. Both are equipped with a sapphire crystal lens with ARdur™ coating and a ceramic upper finished with a high-grade and ultra-glossy finish.

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