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Chef Sleeves are Baggies for your iPad

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 5, 2011

I really like my iPad and my kids do too. My daughter often sits at the tablet in the morning eating breakfast watching Sponge Bob or something else on the tablet. I always worry she will spill milk on the iPad and it would be dead. I usually just threaten to ground her until she’s 30 if she spills anything on my iPad, but I guess I could just put it inside something like these Chef Sleeves.

These things are basically a baggie that is large enough for your iPad and fits snugly. You can still operate the controls and touchscreen through the bag. The idea is that the plastic won’t let spills through to damage your tablet. The name suggests kitchen use, but these would be just as at home protecting your iPad at the pool, beach or lake.

They will work anywhere spills are an issue. They will do nothing to protect from drops though. A pack of 25 sleeves is $19.99 (USD) and a pack of 50 will cost you $34.99. I say just use a zip lock baggie; it will do the same thing.

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