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The Sophie Concept: An iPhone Case That Doubles As a Polaroid Printer

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 6, 2011

Will these conceptual wonders never cease? Designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a lot of designs in the past, but his latest called “Sophie” is truly something.

What do you think about an iPhone case that also functions as a Polaroid printer?

Sophie iPhone Case (Polaroid Printer)Michael, a commenter on Yanko Design has suggested that a real prototype of a Polaroid printer in the guise of an iPhone case isn’t that far off. He remarks that Polaroid has actually been looking into this type of technology with the use of some specialized paper but encountered issues as to how much paper a small, printer could hold or how it can be reloaded.

Sophie iPhone Case (Polaroid Printer)

Anyhow, I still think that it’s a pretty cool concept and would love to see companies give this concept design a whirl.

Sophie iPhone Case (Polaroid Printer)

[via Yanko Design]