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Tiny Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Even Plays Pac-Man

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 6, 2011

I’ve written about some tiny arcade cabinets before – even a Donkey Kong machine, but never one that was this accurate – and that actually plays. All it needs are tiny Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell dolls to go with it and it would be perfect.


A modder going by the name of Bender (who didn’t tell us to bite his shiny metal ass for once) created this 8.25″ tall Donkey Kong cabinet. Not only is it a perfect 1/8th scale replica of the original, it’s fully playable.


Okay, the joystick and buttons are disproportionately large, but you wouldn’t be able to play it if he made those to scale. Under the hood of this tiny marvel is a sliced and maimed GamePark GP2X Wiz, loaded with MAME. That means Bender could actually play just about any arcade game he wants on this thing too. I dare him to play Donkey Kong, Jr. on it. That’ll show ’em!

Check out the world’s smallest working Donkey Kong machine in the video clips below (and yes, he does play other classic arcade games on it too), as well as a bunch of detail on how Bender bent built it.

Thankfully, the machine doesn’t require tiny little quarters to play.

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