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The Secret Lamp Dual-Purpose Light Saves Energy and Gets Creative About It, Too!

 |  |  |  |  May 9, 2011

Combine conservation and some good old creativity, and you’ll get the Secret Lamp.

I admit it also looks a bit like a novelty with its design and is a bit on the bulky side as far as table lamp goes, but you have to give it an “A” in both creativity and effort.

Secret Lamp

The Secret Lamp is a table lamp and night lamp in one designed by Jongwoo Choi. You get to control how much light it emits by pulling back its topcoat to unveil the light. When you’re done, just stick the topcoat back and it fastens back into place with the magnets at the top of the lamp.

If you want to use it as a night light, just separate the cap from the body and there you have it.┬áIt also boasts that it conserves energy by accumulating energy while it’s switched off to provide the glow for the night light.

It’s still a concept design for now, but I think it’s a really clever one at that. I know I’d definitely want one for myself. (Mostly because I want to give the peeling thing a whirl, but also because I think the night light gives off a nice glow, too.)

[via Yanko Design]