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Slow Motion Liquids Make for Awesome Photos

 |  |  |  |  May 9, 2011

I have a DSLR camera that I bought mostly for the fast shutter speed, so I could actually get pictures of my kids rather than photos of elbows or ears thanks to the wait for the shutter to go off on a point and shoot. I’m not artistic enough to take really cool pictures. As close as I have come to a cool photo is one of my son playing soccer where the background is blurry from him running, but he is in focus. I don’t think I could ever take photos as cool as the ones that artist Ryan Taylor has.

These awesome photos are the result of milk, paint, and water that are mixed together to make all sorts of rich colors. Some of the photos are of simple drops, and they look so cool. I like the plain white one; it reminds me of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. My favorite is the drop with the rainbow colors around it though.

The water balloon ones are very cool too. It’s interesting that the camera shutter is so fast that it can capture the water from inside the balloon, still in the shape of the balloon after it pops. These photos are some of the coolest I have seen, and you can check out the artist’s Flickr page for more.

[via Colossal Art & Design]