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Designer Makes Geek Jewelry out of Old Tech Gear

 |  |  |  |  May 10, 2011

When I was a kid I was always tearing up old radios or something that I found around the house or my dad’s office just to see what was inside. I really liked tearing up the old CB radios they were throwing out to see the circuit boards and transistors inside. If you have ever popped open a keyboard you will have noticed that most have flexible circuit boards inside.

A designer named Paola Mirai takes those flexible circuit boards from inside of keyboard and other electronics like inkjet cartridges and turns them into jewelry. The flexible circuit boards are cut to size and then the shapes are put into some sort of resin that is clear called orotrasparente. Each of the pieces of jewelry are handmade.

The finished jewelry is really cool and I particularly like that wedding band looking ring. That would be perfect for a geek wedding. Pricing for the jewelry starts at 65 EUR (appx. $93 USD) for the rings and 145 EUR (appx. $208 USD) for bracelets. Would you wear a wedding band made from an old circuit board?

[via Design-milk]