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Rolleiflex Digital Camera Gets 5MP Upgrade

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 11, 2011

Digital cameras are a commodity now and just about everyone has one. The smartphone is replacing Some digital cameras but there are still a lot of folks that want a smartphone with a good camera and a camera as well. Some folks are even looking to novelty digital cameras since the gadgets are so common today.

The Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 is one of the cameras that to me is a novelty item. It looks like an old-fashioned film camera on the outside. You might recognize this camera, we talked about the 3.1MP version way back in 2007. The new version of the camera has a 5MP resolution.

You will look down at the top of the camera to see the LCD just like the photographers in the 20’s would have done to see the image the viewfinder was lining up. The little LCD is a 1.1-inch square. To take each shot the user has to turn the hand crank on The side and photos are in a square format. The camera is offered on Amazon in either black or red for $270.

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