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Blu Makes Sure You Won’t Be Blue and Lonely While Smoking Your E-Cigs

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Written by Hazel Chua | May 12, 2011

I have a lot of friends who are smokers trying to quit. And it was through them that I first heard of the electronic cigarette.

I thought that it was a pretty cool innovation back then and I still do today. And e-cigarette maker Blu has just made things a whole lot cooler: by adding a social networking feature.

Blu E-Cigarette Black Starter KitIts reach isn’t exactly as far and wide as Facebook’s, being limited to just 50 feet and all, but it’s still a pretty cool thing. Each pack of e-cigarettes comes with a reusable pack which also doubles as the charger. The soon-to-be released packs will detect the radio signals emitted by other Blu packs by e-smokers within the area and alert the owner by vibrating and flashing a blue light.

If the other smoker is someone you’d like to make some further connections with, just head on over with your Blu pack in tow and if the other party consents, you can exchange contact info and Facebook profile info via the Blu packs. Convenient, right?

The all-new “smart” packs will go on sale next month for $80 (USD).

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