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Tetris Skull & Cross-bones T-Shirt: Pirates of the Game Boyean

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Written by Range | May 15, 2011

Sure, skull and bones designs are a dime a dozen, but this t-shirt has something special going for it. If you look at the t-shirt from afar, you’ll notice something pixel-like about the design. Once you look closely, you’ll see the intricacy of the design, and realize that it’s made from Tetris blocks.

tetris skull bones t-shirt thinkgeek nintendo

It sure brings back some memories. I played Tetris for the first time on the first Game Boy, the one with the green-tinged LCD display. I remember saying to myself, one more game, and hours could pass. Everything seemed simpler back then, especially when it came to gaming. It didn’t take long for greyscale gaming to be left in the dust.

tetris skull bones t-shirt thinkgeek nintendo

This t-shirt is available from ThinkGeek for $17.99 to $19.99 (USD) depending on the size that you order. The black cotton t-shirt sure looks menacing, but I’d like too see them in a few different colors.