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Modern Cyborg: Amputee Demonstrates Bionics

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 19, 2011

It looks like cyborgs are among us, thanks to bionic prosthetics that amputees can now have attached to replace their missing limbs. The BBC is reporting about the cases of two elective amputees, who had lost the ability to use their hands. Instead, chose to replace their non-functioning hands with bionic limbs.

cyborg bionic replacement limb hand robots prosthetic

Patrick, a 24-year old Austrian, had lost the use of his hand. Now, thanks to his bionic hand, he can move his fingers once more. The prosthetics are called bionic since use the signals from the patients’ brain and nerves to enact movement. Through the miracle of modern science, Patrick can tie his own shoelaces and open a bottle. Another patient, called “Milo” lost his hand in a motorcycle accident and will soon be fitted with a bionic hand after a voluntary amputation of his right hand.

cyborg bionic replacement limb hand robots prosthetic

This stuff seems like it’s out of science fiction, but it’s real. It’s amazing what they can do with these bionic limbs. It won’t take long before people will have all sorts of bionic implants, from feet to eyes. Be sure to check out the videos over at the BBC.

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