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It’s Time to Bake Some Pixelized Cookies Now That I’ve Got My Pixel Oven Mitts

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Written by Hazel Chua | May 20, 2011

Here are a child’s best friends: cookies and ice cream. Now here are a not-so-completely-grown-up grown up’s best friends: pixel oven mitts and pixelized cookies.

Sometimes, we need a push to get moving. Baking used to be so fun for me before, but the older I grow (even if I’m just a ripe young twenty-two going on twenty-three in a few days), the more it becomes a chore, like a lot of other things that I used to enjoy and that are supposed to be enjoyable.

But there are some things that we can pick up along the way to spice things up and make everyday chores seem more fun again. Like the Pixel Oven Mitts.

I swear, even just looking at them makes me want to go bake or roast something in my oven just so I would be able to use them. And what could be better than baking cookies with these mitts? Why, if I happened to be baking pixelized cookies too, that’s what. I even found an album on Flickr that aims to teach people exactly how to do that. (And it actually looks more complicated than it sounds or seems.)

Technabob first spotted these pixel mittens a couple of years ago, but they were difficult to come by. Now, you can easily get your hands on a pair of Pixel Oven Mitts on Perpetual Kid for $16.99 (USD).