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My Hexapod Robot is Smarter than Your Hexapod Robot

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Written by Range | May 22, 2011

Matt Bunting is a roboticist for the University of Arizona and he built a hexapod robot that uses artificial intelligence programming to learn how to move. In essence, it’s probably the smartest hexapod ‘bot out there.

hexapod robot smart artificial intelligence

The hexapod uses 21 motors, a web camera, and a tiny PC to amble around. The robot uses computer vision and machine-learning algorithms to help determine how to stand itself up and navigate its world. Matt built this project for grad school and was contacted by Intel to help recreate replicas of his hexapod ‘bot for them. Matt is pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and he’s currently working on DARPA’s Cheetah Project.

All things concerned, I wonder how smart Matt’s ‘bots will end up being. Hopefully, with the end of the world behind us, they’re won’t be a Robot Apocalypse coming anytime soon.

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