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Thanko Fanbrella: Cheaper and Cooler

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 23, 2011

The first time I heard about fanbrellas was a short while ago, and I guess they make sense in very humid and wet climates. It didn’t take Thanko long to announce their version of the Fanbrella. Even though it’s cheaper, it actually looks somewhat sturdier than the one we mentioned before.

thanko fanbrella umbrella fan summer rain shine

In my experience, if it’s raining, it’s usually not that hot, even in tropical climates. While I can see the logic behind having a small fan in your umbrella, what happens when there are gusts of wind? Won’t the fans be broken immediately?

thanko fanbrella umbrella fan summer rain shine

On top of that, umbrellas are very easy to lose. I don’t lose them easily, but my wife goes through a few every few months. This also makes your umbrella slightly more attractive to umbrella thieves. Either way, the fan is a smart idea if it gets really hot and steamy where you live. Thanko’s Fanbrella sells for ¥3,980 ($49 USD).

[via Ubergizmo]