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Dry-All Saves Gadgets From a Watery Grave

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 24, 2011

Even if you’re careful with your gadgets, chances are they’ll be exposed to water or moisture at some point. I’ve heard of a couple of methods of drying electronics – a container full of uncooked rice does do the trick at times – but if you want a more portable and easier solution, you might want to check out these Wet Emergency Kits from Dry-All.

dry all wet emergency kit

The kits are not really kits – it’s a bag filled with absorbent beads. Basically you just take out the battery if possible and then place the gadget in the bag. As you can see Dry-All has three different types of electronics bag, although the cellphone and smartphone variants seem to be misleading. From what I can tell both bags can dry any type of mobile phone, but the cellular phone bag is cheaper, can only be used once, and takes about 24-48 hours to do its job. The smartphone one can be reused up to 5 times and supposedly dries wet phones in just 6 hours. Here’s a tacky commercial for the cellular phone bag – I suggest you mute the video.

The ad of course is barely proof of the efficacy of Dry-All; they could have easily switched the wet gadgets with dry ones. Still, if you’d like to try them you can purchase all three at Buy.com. The Cellular Phone Kit costs $17 (USD), the Smartphone Kit costs $46 and the Tablet Kit costs $35. Feel free to share your experience if you’ve tried any of these kits or if you know of alternatives.

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