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Geeky Motorcycle Helmets Look Great, Might Not Save Your Life

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Written by Range | May 24, 2011

While I agree that these motorcycles helmets that Tigerpause444 created look pretty cool, all of his creations aren’t road legal, so no one will be starting a geeky biker club anytime soon. Still, they are interesting and distinctive.

iron man helmet tigerpause444 motorcycle fan art

In addition to Iron Man, Tigerpause has created helmets from Star Wars, Halo, and Transformers. While some of them look a little flimsy (especially the Transformers helmets), the Iron Man helmets look pretty awesome. The Master Chief helmet is also pretty cool. Tiger typically uses parts from costumes and kids toys to decorate an underlying motorcycle helmet structure.

iron man helmet tigerpause444 motorcycle fan art

I can just imagine modders who’ve customized their motorcycles riding around on their bikes with these helmets on. Too bad these helmets would have to stay on a pedestal or your garage if you don’t want to get pulled over by the cops.

iron man helmet tigerpause444 motorcycle fan art

Scroll down for a couple of video clips of Tigerpause showing off his creations:

I wear a motorcycle helmet everyday, but I don’t think I’d get one of these, even if they were legal. I prefer a stealthy style that’s not too loud and garish.

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