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Incredible Fountain Made from Fabric and Water

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 24, 2011

I missed this cool display when it first turned up back in Japan in 2009, but it’s cool enough that I thought it was worth a mention regardless. Basically, what you’re looking at here is a unique sign that creates words using perfect beads of water.


The sign was built using an extremely water-repellent material called Monat from Japan’s Unitika. The fabric predictably beads water off its surface, resulting in a dramatic display of droplets coursing down its face. It’s best explained by watching this video the guys at DigInfo.TV shot:

The word “SENSEWARE” at the top of the display is formed using tiny beads of water which are secreted through pinholes in the fabric. When the beads reach just the right size, the droplets slide down the face of the slightly tilted fabric, then recirculates back to the top, and starting the show all over again. It’s pretty spectacular, especially when you realize that this entire show is basically done using a sheet of fabric, a water pump and some tubing to circulate the water.

[Thanks for the tip, Christopher!]