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Atari ST2 Retro Computer Sings the Blues

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 27, 2011

I’m totally dating myself, but back in the day, I owned an Atari 520ST computer. Under the hood of this powerhouse of its time was the same processor you’d find in the more expensive early Macintosh computers, along with the unique ability to control musical instruments via MIDI, and advanced full color graphics. As a matter of fact, people used to call it the “Jackintosh” because of Atari’s then CEO Jack Tramiel, and his attempt to eat into the Mac’s budding market share. But the ST line came just as Atari’s heyday was over, and they never took off beyond the serious computer geek and music community. So I was jazzed when I stumbled onto this image when I was poking around on DeviantArt today.


According to the image, the 2011 Atari ST2 is supposed to come with a powerful Intel Core2 Quad CPU, 8GB RAM, Geforce 460 GPU, 1 TB hard drive, 7.1 surround sound, and a cool backlit blue keyboard. It even comes with a (misspelled) Blueray player, and bluetooth. This thing has the blues.


Unfortunately, so do I now that I realize the whole thing is just a concept design by 3D illustrator ~svenart, designed and rendered in Lightwave10 (wireframe here). But an awesome concept design it is. And given the fact that somebody has started selling Commodore 64’s again with modern PC innards, I don’t see why someone can’t run with this idea too.


For now, retro geeks will just have to sit there and drool until someone at least gets out an old Atari ST and mods it to match ~svenart’s design.