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World’s Most Expensive Camera Sold for $1.9 Million

 |  |  |  |  |  May 29, 2011

How much would you pay for an old Leica? Hundreds? Thousands? How about $1.9 million (€1.3 million)? That’s how much this Leica 0-Serie Nr.107 fetched at auction. This camera is one of only 25 that were made back in 1923.

leica camera auction most expensive

A wealthy collector from Asia decided that this camera was worth a lot more than its estimated price, which is between $500,000 and $650,000. The auction took just 2 minutes, and a private collector almost put down two million for this camera.

Here’s a video of the action-packed auction:

And I thought that Hasselblads were expensive. Apparently, this camera was one of the first exported to New York in 1923.

leica camera auction most expensive

I guess some people have money to burn, but even if I did, I’d never spend this much on a camera that will probably sit in some display case somewhere and sold once again in a few years. Ah well, the life of the rich and famous.

[via Leica Rumors]