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The Pocket Pillow Lets You Sleep Anytime, Anywhere Like an Ostrich

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 5, 2011

You’ve probably already heard about that little bit of trivia about how ostriches immediately go to sleep if you place a paper bag over their heads, right? That’s because these long-legged flightless birds think that it’s nighttime once the light goes out.

If you’re similar to these creatures in the sense that you can only go to sleep when it’s dark out, then you might think that Kawamura Ganjavian is a genius for designing the Ostrich, otherwise known as the “Pocket Pillow for Nap.”

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? You can see clearly from the photos above just what the Pocket Pillow is, how you’re supposed to use it, how you can carry it around, and why Ganjavian decided to call it the “Ostrich.”

It’s a novel idea which might just work, especially for mid-day or lunchtime naps at the office. However, a question I’d like to ask the designer is, “How are people supposed to breathe in that thing?” Suffocation will be a likely issue, I tell you. And since this is still just a concept design, maybe this feedback might encourage Ganjavian to make some adjustments and modifications to his original design.

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