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TROBOT 4.0: Put a Miniature Industrial Robot on Your Desktop

 |  |  |  |  |  June 6, 2011

Ever wanted to play with one of those big industrial robots? Well unless you work on an assembly line, or have you’ve got massive budget and a bunch of spare space, you’ll probably never get to. That is, unless you get your hands on the TROBOT 4.0.


Yes, the TROBOT 4.0 is actually the 4th-generation of miniature six-axis robots from Toby Baumgartner, designed to provide the smoothest movement yet, along with a more durable mechanism, improved precision and payload capacity than its predecessors.

Development of the pint-size, open-source TROBOT 4.0 is being funded by a Kickstarter project, and your contributions will help to bring the latest ‘bot to life. If fully funded, all pledges $300 and higher will receive the TROBOT 4.0 mechanical kit (minus servos), along with source code for controlling it. Toby expects the servos will cost somewhere around $300 to $500, so a complete system will run under $600 to $800 (plus the time to assemble the kit).