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Yarn Charging Cable: Encouraging Cats to Chew on Power Cords

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 7, 2011

No, this isn’t a new toy for your feline friend, it’s a concept charger for your phone and/or other devices. While it makes sense to have something that’s longer than standards cords, I wonder if cats everywhere will rejoice upon seeing this charger that’s designed to look like a ball of yarn.

yarn wood ball charger concept design power

The Wool Ball Charger will allow you to have massive amounts of charging cable length, to ensure that you’ll always be able to charge your phone from the right plug. Wait, I thought that the future was going to be wireless? Seriously though, charging cables are rarely long enough, and it happens quite a lot that you just need those extra few inches, but instead you stuck with short cables. That’s what the Wool Ball Charger will try to resolve.

yarn wood ball charger concept design power

The Wool Ball Charger was designed by Yuchen Liu and the cord is wrapped up in a ball instead of a loop, like most cords are. I get the feeling that it would be hard to keep this shape once it’s uncoiled for the first time.

yarn wood ball charger concept design power

[via Yanko Design]