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It’s Not Too Hot for Spot in the Car, is It?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  June 9, 2011

I recently got a new puppy (I named her Remy Martin, but of course I’m not going to let her grow up to be an alcoholic, no sirrie!) and I just adore my little furball.

I rarely leave her at home alone, given that she’s still 8 weeks-old and all, but sometimes, there’s just no one left at home to care for the little tyke. On those days, I end up postponing my out-of-the-house chores or getting groceries because I am just not comfortable with the idea of leaving little Remy alone in the car while I go out shopping. (Dogs get heat stroke and die when left in hot, enclosed areas, like parked cars under the sweltering heat.)

However, for dog owners who do bring their best friend along with them for a ride or while they run errands, then getting the ‘Too Hot For Spot?’ Static Cling Car Window Thermometer would probably be a good idea.

These creatively-designed clings are also functioning thermometers that give you an approximation of just how hot it is in your car and if it’s a temperature that your dog can tolerate.  I think this is a fine idea, given that a lot of owners, both negligent or simply clueless, leave their pets inside locked cars only to return and discover that their dog is already, well… *makes slicing motion across neck*

Obviously, this isn’t something that you’d want. Your dog definitely deserves better, so you can take the extra precaution by getting one of these thermometer clings from for $10.95 (USD) each.

[via Cool Hunting via Oh Gizmo!]