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Sproing, Sproing Go the TRAMP-It Trampoline Shoes

 |  |  |  |  |  |  June 10, 2011

One thing that I had always wanted when I was still a kid was a trampoline, right in my own room. Sad to say, my parents didn’t get me one. They were always the overprotective kind and reasoned that I would probably fracture my skull or break a leg if I had one.

Valid concerns, I guess, but still. It would have been cool. If you were a frustrated child yourself, then you might want to get yourself a pair of these trampoline shoes, called a tad inappropriately the TRAMP-It Trampoline Shoes.

These shoes seem like a novel idea, but of course, they aren’t very smart if you think of it on the practical side (and they’re not going to be kind to your wallet, either.) But they are a real space saver, considering that you don’t really need to setup a huge trampoline when you already have one right under your soles, literally.

They’re also adjustable based on what you want to do with them (ie. run, walk, or jump), so at least you will be able to use them as regular sneakers, too.

Live a little and jump a little higher with TRAMP-Its.  They’re currently available for pre-order from Firebox, with prices ranging from £99.99 (~$163 USD) to £119.99 (~$197), depending on your size.

[via Coolest Gadgets]