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Sanyo Eneloop Pro and Plus Batteries Charge Up Gadgets Longer

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 11, 2011

If you have a bunch of gadgets and gear around your house that uses AA batteries like cameras, video cameras, or RC toys you definitely need some rechargeable batteries. Sanyo makes a line of rechargeable batteries called the Eneloop that have a lot of storage and can be recharged a bunch of times.

Sanyo has announced a couple of new battery models that are designed specifically for electronics and toys. The Eneloop Pro batteries are for high drain electronics like cameras and flashlights among other things. The Pro version of the batteries have a 25% higher charge capacity than other Eneloop batteries meaning they will let you use your gadget longer. Plus, they’re supposed to retain up to 75% of their charging capacity after a year of sitting unused.

The Eneloop Plus battery line is made specifically for toys and has a special overheat prevention function that will help prevent the risk of fire from a battery that gets too hot. Both batteries will only come in AA size. The Pro line will come on July 21 with the Plus version coming on December 1. The Pro version will sell for 1260 yen (~$16 USD) for a pair, but pricing on the other line and the associated chargers are unavailable at this time.