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3DS Passes Million Sold in Japan – Finally

 |  |  |  June 14, 2011

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS have started very slowly. The console is selling at a mere trickle compared to how the DS, DS Lite and DSi sold since their respective launches. Nintendo has already admitted that sales are much less than it expected when the console launched. Nintendo did announce this week that the 3DS has finally sold a million units in Japan.

It took the 3DS 13 weeks to reach the million sold mark. By comparison, it took the DS only four weeks to sell a million and the DS Lite and DSi took eight weeks. So far, the 3DS has sold 3.61 million units globally. I think we can all agree that the big reason the 3DS isn’t selling is easy to see, there are no really cool games for the console yet.

Once the cool games come that make gamers want, the 3DS it will start selling. Nintendo also launched the console at an odd time, had they waited until the holiday season it would have sold better I would think.

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