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Don These Darkfins and Start Swimming Like a Fish

 |  |  |  |  June 15, 2011

I grew up listening to several varying versions of Little Red Riding Hood. My favorite part was when (sort of slow-brained) Little Red notices how different her grandmother looks, who’s actually now the sneaky wolf in disguise.

Now here’s something to give your grandparents a scare – when you put on the Darkfin swim gloves. They look a bit ridiculous but I think they could really make a difference in your swimming. (Plus, I just think it’s sort of cool to have webbed appendages.)

The name of these gloves remind me of that masked, caped crusader named Darkwing Duck, for obvious reasons. (Now you have more of an idea when I was born and what era I grew up in.)

The Darkfin gloves are available in a variety of sizes, so even a child can go and start swimming like a fish, if he wants to. They’re made from durable latex so you can be sure that you can swim like a webbed creature for months and even years to come. They’re available from Firebox for $36 a pair.

[via Random Good Stuff]