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LensRentals Crams 50 UV Filters onto One REALLY Long Lens (What Would Freud Say?)

 |  |  |  |  June 16, 2011

I don’t know anything about photography other than I have to remember the SD card, I need a charged battery, and if in manual mode on my DSLR just turn knobs until the light meter says I have a decent exposure. I generally use my camera in automatic mode. But I’m surely not in the know enough to know when or if I need a filter for the lens.

The cats over at LensRentals are though, and they have a slew of filters that the sell and are returned. They clean them up on occasion and then do who knows what with them. Apparently, the last time they cleaned filters they ended up with a stack of 50 of the bad boys, and screwed them all together. I wonder what the guy is compensating for with such a long lens? A short umm… exposure? That lens has enough UV filters to keep a vampire from bursting into flames.

They even took some photos with all those filters in place. The picture of the building with 890 on it is the result. The bottom is with the filters and the top is without. My pics tend to look like that bottom one by accident, only I generally have a finger in the shot too.