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Fujitsu Folli Follie Mobile Phone Heads to China Smelling Like Perfume

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 18, 2011

When it comes to weird gadgets and phones, Asia has a lock on the category. You can bet if there is a strange feature to be added, Asian phone makers will add it. For instance, the new Fujitsu and Folli Follie (a Chinese fashion retailer) tie-up that resulted in the F-022 mobile phone.


The strange feature on this phone is a little disc that the user can remove and spray with their favorite perfume. Then when the phone is near their nose on a call, they can smell the perfume and not the presumably stinky person next to them. The phone has a gold tone case and a big 2-karat cubic zirconia for decoration to help dress it up too.

Other than the color and scent disk thingy, the phone has a 8.1MP camera that has a special feature for tracking eyes to make them look larger and a feature to improve skin. The phone has a 3-inch color VGA resolution screen. The phone is waterproof and dust resistant. The battery inside the phone will last 420 hours on 3G standby and 210 minutes in 3G talk. Chances are that you’ll never see the Fujitsu Folli Follie (ph)Fone outside of China, but if you live there, it will be available starting on June 24th.