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Gigantically Awesome Hot Wheels Metropolis II City is a Kinetic Sculpture

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 20, 2011

It has to be good to be an artist. If you have a penchant for things like LEGO or Hot Wheels cars you can just come up with some wild DIY project idea and start building and no one thinks you are weird for playing with kid’s toys, it’s art after all. I bet Artist Chris Burden liked Hot Wheels cars as a kid.

Burden has the coolest Hot Wheels track (sorry kinetic sculpture) in history in his California studio. The project is called Metropolis II and uses 1,100 cars that continually move around. I assume the cars are powered by some of those Hot Wheels car flickers that are so noisy like my son has.


The entire set up took four years and 12 people to build. I doubt that was continuous work though. The thing looks completely custom to me; even most of the track seems to be custom made. I know it’s wrong, but something about it makes me want to stomp through it playing a real world version of the arcade game Rampage.

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