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DirecTV Tries to Make Hotels Less Disgusting and Germ Infested with Anti-Microbial Remotes

 |  |  |  |  |  June 21, 2011

I am not a fan of staying in hotels at all. The beds and pillows are uncomfortable, and the thought of sleeping in a bed that some perverts could have had an orgy in the night before is not appealing in the least. I also don’t even want to know what the people do with the remote controls in their hand with the prolific amount of adult programming on hotel networks. DirecTV is trying to at least make the remote a little less gross for us to use.


A new service is coming for hotels that is called Residential Experience for Hotels. That is cool since if you use DirecTV at home you might remember where some of the channels you like are. The cool part isn’t the programming options though, but the special remote control that kills germs.

This is the first anti-microbial remote control to be offered by DirecTV. The remote the system will use was specifically designed for the lodging industry and has a special anti-microbial coating. Exactly how the anti-microbial coating works isn’t noted, but I would assume it has some sort of silver content like a lot of the anti-microbial products and peripherals on the market today.