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The Future Of Cufflinks Looks Bright, Literally.

 |  |  |  |  June 21, 2011

The design of the cufflinks that a man dons tells a lot about his personality. For example, the Bike Cufflinks are obviously intended for bikers and cyclists. The Flash Drive cufflinks are for the nerdier and geekier men who aren’t ashamed to where their geekiness on their sleeves. The fool-proof Left/Right cufflinks, on the other hand, remind the idiot wearer which is his right arm and which is his left.

And then there are the LED cufflinks called the iCufflinks that want to add a bit more light and sparkle to your cuffs.

When you put your PC on standby or hibernate your laptop, you see the power button blinking a gentle, pulsating light every few seconds or so. And now you can have that exact same thing going on your cuffs with the iCufflinks (which get their glowing light pattern based on Apple products).

The iCufflinks are an open-source hardware project by Phil Torrone. Each cufflink is made with a custom aluminum power button, a small circuit board that controls the pulsing of the button, and a battery. Since the project is open-source, the schematics and code to control the blinking can all be downloaded fromĀ GitHub.

If, however, you’d rather skip through the constructing part, then you can purchase a pair of the iCufflinks from Adafruit for $128 (USD).

[via PopSci]