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Jelly Belly Phone Cases Make Apples Smell Like Cherries and Blackberries Smell Like Blueberries

 |  |  |  |  |  |  June 22, 2011

If there’s one thing that the world constantly needs, it’s good cases for your smartphones and devices.

I’m partial to silicone cases, while my sister goes for the leather ones. My dad likes hard shell cases while my other sister carries around her gadgets in the nude (and her phone and iPod are obviously the most banged up ones in our family.)

However, these cases by Jelly Belly are right up my alley. I mean, who doesn’t love jelly beans? I literally grew up eating these during class (when the teacher wasn’t looking) and I still gorge myself on these tasty treats every once in a while.

The cases are made from durable TPI plastic and come in five enticing scents (that happen to be the most popular flavors of Jelly Belly’s jelly beans):¬†Strawberry Cheesecake, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Licorice and Berry Blue.

Aside from the cases, Jelly Belly is also releasing jelly bean-shaped earbuds that follow the same color theme as the cases. However, unlike the latter, they won’t be scented. But really, who would want their ears to come off smelling like candy after each and every use?

The Jelly Belly cases and earbuds will go for $15 a pop. Sweet!

[via Engadget]