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Volkswagen Develops Auto-Pilot: Cruise Control Is So Yesterday

 |  |  |  |  |  June 24, 2011

Back when I was in finance, I used to spend long hours in my car driving around. I would have loved to have any kind of auto pilot, to take over when you get extremely tired. Now that’s one thing that we all need. While in my dreams, I’d love to just sit back and let computers do everything, you can’t really do this since Volkswagen’s new Auto-Pilot only lasts for a short time.

volkswagen auto pilot tap cruise control lane assist lasers radar

While Volkwagen’s Temporary Auto Pilot won’t take you all the way from point A to point B, it will help you out with your driving. At speeds up to 80mph, you can take off your hands from the wheel, allowing you to cruise easily with no hands and no feet. This system pairs Lane Assist with cruise control, and can be overridden by the driver at any time. It uses radar, lasers, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, start and stop in traffic jams and slow down before a bend. The speed limit can be set by the driver, and the driver must continue to maintain their attention while it’s enabled.

This sounds pretty awesome, but like most high-tech gadgetry for cars, I’d expect to see this only in luxury sedans from the Volkswagen Group.

[via Volkswagen]