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HardlyWork.in: Make Your Facebook Feed Look Like an Excel Spreadsheet

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Written by Range | July 3, 2011

Do you work in an office that still allows you to access Facebook? If you do, then check out this awesome stealth way of looking up on your news feed. It makes your feed look like an Excel spreadsheet. Now that’s stealthy, thanks to HardlyWork.in!


HardlyWork.in reformats your Facebook feed into something inconspicuous, which is a must if you spend time working in an office. I remember those days. While you certainly don’t need to waste all of your time, you can check up on what’s happening without getting hassled by nosy coworkers and annoying bosses.

One thing’s for sure, it will allow you to look productive and professional even when you’re checking up on what your friends are doing. It’s even a good idea for bosses. You wouldn’t want your underlings seeing what you’ve been up to over the weekend.

[HardlyWork.in via Lifehacker]