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Japanese HAL Robo-Suit Exoskeleton to Carry Disabled Man Up Mountain

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Written by Range | July 5, 2011

This robotic exoskeleton, like most exoskeletons, can give anyone who wears it a lot of extra strength. Enough strength to carry a paralyzed man up a mountain. At least that’s what’s going to happen with this particular suit.

robo suit hal hybrid assisted limb exoskeleton japanese robots

The Hybrid Assisted Limb (HAL) robo-suit was designed by Tsukuba University professor Yoshiyuki Sankai. It’s supposed to increase the wearer’s strength tenfold. A disabled man named Seiji Uchida (not pictured above) will be carried up Mont Saint Michel by someone wearing the HAL robo-suit. Uchiba will be placed in the back of the suit in a pannier. It has always been his dream to climb this mountain in Normandy, France, and he hasn’t been able to do so due to his physical challenges.

robo suit hal hybrid assisted limb exoskeleton japanese robots

The robo-suit has been designed to bear a load of 176 lbs, so should be able to carry Uchiba without too much trouble. The suit is battery-powered and detects muscle impulses to anticipate and support movements. It was originally designed to help the elderly and to lift patients in hospitals.

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