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Exploding Minecraft Creeper Plushie: for Both Creeper Lovers and Haters

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 6, 2011

As we all know, the world of Minecraft is about creation, not destruction, violence or fighting (not yet anyway). But there are still a handful of things that a Minecraft player fears, and of these few nothing may be more so than the Creeper. This plushie may be your best chance at revenge at those bastards.

exploding minecraft creeper plushie by threnodiThe cool thing about this stuffed toy is that its parts are held together by Velcro, which makes it quite convenient for repeated dismemberment and general punishment. Or accept defeat at its hands and feign death when you make it explode.

exploding minecraft creeper plushie by threnodi 2

Of course, if you’ve grown fond of the green guy then the plushie is also perfect for you. You can re-arrange his limbs to give him a more human-like form. Or use his body as a pillow. Or bring his head with you wherever you go.

exploding minecraft creeper plushie by threnodi 3

You can order the Exploding Velcro Minecraft Creeper Plush from Etsy seller threnodi for $30 (USD). Contains no gunpowder.

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