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Kerry Howley’s Hairy Necklaces

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 7, 2011

You might remember those weird glasses made with human hair that we talked about a few days back.

Now we bring you more hair-raising works of art made with human hair, and this time, you’re supposed to wear these on your neck. No resin holding these together this time, though.

I don’t what to say about these necklaces except that they’re attractive yet bring up some sense of aversion at the same time. This is exactly Kerry Howley’s line of thinking when she came up with these hair necklaces as part of her Attraction/Aversion collection for her award-winning 2011 graduate collection.

Kerry Howley Hair Necklace

She explains it like so: When your hair is still on your head, it’s something that a lot of people, most especially women, take pride in. They go to great lengths and measures to maintain their tresses and make their mane of hair look good and groomed. But once the hair leaves the roots, it’s something that, well, might cause a sense of aversion in some people.

Through her collection, Kerry made an attempt to make this unrooted hair attractive again. So what do you think? Was she successful in doing so with her hair necklaces?

[via Trend Hunter]