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Giant R2-D2 Proves You Can Make Anything with Cardboard and Duct Tape

 |  |  |  |  |  July 13, 2011

One of my all time favorite characters in the Star Wars flicks is R2-D2. I always thought that R2 was the coolest droid in the universe because he was one of the smallest, didn’t have any real weapons to speak of, but he would throw down if he had to. C3-PO would just run the other way screaming like a little droid girl while R2 whipped out his little zapper and droided-up.


If we needed any other proof that R2 was the most beloved droid from the movies all we need to do is see all the DIY things that are R2-D2 themed. You never see anyone making a 3PO trash can, but you will find some R2 trash cans out there. The latest DIY R2 project is this gigantic 96-inch tall R2 sculpture made from cardboard and duct tape by Len Komanac (aka “DarthLen“.) R2’s dome is made from silver tape and the blue trim is made from blue duct tape.


The materials used to build the droid also included three dryer boxes, five AC boxes, four fridge boxes, and a roll of aluminum tape. Other stuff used included 52 glue sticks, a single can of white paint and a pair of sharpie pens for the detail work. I am really digging the end product, and it will be on display at the Dr. StrangeLen or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Art exhibit in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada from July 16th through September 2nd.


[Flickr via OddityCentral]