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FitBot Shape-Shifting Mannequins: These are the Droids that You Look Like

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 13, 2011

A company called Fits.Me has invented robotic mannequins that can emulate thousands of different body types. The – wait, eager commenter. Before you launch into an immaculately-spelled, benevolent and profanity-free tirade deriding the laziness of man, let me assure you: Fits.Me knows that it’s easier to put the clothes on yourself to find out if they’re your size and style. They also know that you can’t do that when you’re shopping online.

fits.me fitbot shape changing mannequins

According to Fits.me, 25% of online purchases are returned, mostly because customers discover – or decide –  that the clothes they ordered don’t fit right. But with the FitBots, along with a virtual fitting room, customers will be able to see right away what the clothes will look like on them. The only downside to this? You have to know your exact measurements, because that’s what the software will use to adjust the bot’s body. Wrong measurements, wrong fit.

You can test the virtual fitting room over at Fits.me’s website. Again, you’ll have to enter a few measurements to adjust the FitBot. Maybe the best solution lies with a Kinect-like device, but I imagine it would be quite a while before PCs with built-in full body scanners become standard.

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