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Mushroom Cloud Lamp: Nuke or Vegetable?

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 18, 2011

I like 3D printers because you can print damn near anything for any reason. Some designers set about creating a lamp that looks destructive and sort of like a healthy dinner wrapped in one. The lamp is called the Mushroom Cloud Shaped Nuke Lamp and it is designed by Veneridesign. The lamp was printed out of some sort of flexible white plastic.

Mushroom Cloud Lamp

The plastic body of the foot-tall lamp is ridged enough for the lamp to stand upright and the light assembly inside is a separate piece. If anything ever begged for an orange light bulb inside, this is it. The design certainly looks like the mushroom clouds I have seen in the videos of nuke testing back in the old days. It also looks more than a little bit like cauliflower to me too. It also reminds me of a completely frozen tree.

Mushroom Cloud Lamp

You can buy this cool looking lamp if you want, but only if you are loaded. The thing sells for $1,495 (USD) making it very expensive, but oh so cool.

Mushroom Cloud Lamp

[via Yanko Design via Laughing Squid]