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Another DSLR Camera Bank Helps You Save Up for an Actual Camera

 |  |  |  |  |  July 19, 2011

Novelty items for DSLR fans are fast becoming popular. There’s the famous lens mug, the lens pillow, lens bracelet and there’s a camera-shaped speaker. There was even a Canon 7D piggy bank. Now there’s another piggy bank designed for DSLR devotees – this time of the Canon EOS 350D.

dslr camera bank from photojojo

The DSLR Camera Bank is a realistic life-sized replica of the Canon EOS 350D that doubles as a piggy bank. As you’ll see in the gallery below it really is quite detailed. All the buttons and switches are present, as well as the viewing screen. The lens is also detachable, just like the real thing.

You can order the DSLR Camera Bank from Photojojo for $24 (USD). Aside from using it as a piggy bank, Photojojo has a couple of suggestions: you can give it as a present for someone else who’s also saving up for a camera or for kicks, treat it carelessly in front of your friends (or better yet make them break it) to freak them out. Of course with the first suggestion the person you give it to might think that you’re giving him a real camera and will thus be disappointed. As for the second suggestion? I imagine it’ll be a fun prank indeed, but if it does break that’s still $24 out the window. I’m quite the downer today.

[via Holycool]