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DIY LEGO Key Holder is Simple, Ingenius

 |  |  |  July 20, 2011

I have seen just about everything made out of LEGO over the years from my favorite Sci-Fi characters to giant warships and just about everything in between. A geek has taken LEGOs and used them to make something that I could really use in my house. I lose everything. Generally, it’s my wallet that I lose, but I am guilty of losing keys too.

DIY LEGO Key Holder

A dude on Reddit going by “Fuckyeahashmo” (yes that is seriously his screen name) has taken some of the green rectangular pads for building things with LEGO and some random LEGO bricks to make a system to keep his keys from getting lost. The dude mounted those green rectangular pads to the wall to start.

He then screwed some eyehooks into the standard 2 x 4 LEGO bricks. Once those eyehooks were in, he threaded wire ties through them and around the key ring. The finished product is a key hanger that uses the LEGO bricks to hang keys on the wall. This is a very simple, yet geeky solution to a common problem. I guess I could glue a brick to my wallet and hang it on the walk in this fashion.

[via Reddit]