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Robot Jet Ski Patrols Harbors Looking for Baddies

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 21, 2011

Sometimes it seems like the military wants to shed all the people from many aspects of its operations. We will always need eyes on the ground, but many tasks are now being handed over to robots and drones. The USAF has the most drones, but the Navy is getting some robotic machines too. The Navy is testing a new robot jet ski called the Blackfish.

The Blackfish apparently starts as a normal jet ski, then QinetiQ, the company that makes the Blackfish, hacks the top off and crams a bunch of sensors inside what’s left. Those sensors allow the Blackfish to see under the water and on top of the water to look for attackers that might be swimming up to attack Navy ships.

The Blackfish will be able to be remotely controlled at distances of up to 1KM and can also be autonomous and patrol pre-set GPS waypoints. Care was taken to be sure the jet ski could go slow enough to be useful for surveillance. Bow thrusters were added to allow the Blackfish to move slowly enough in the water. The Blackfish is 10-feet long and can hit 40mph on the water.

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